Monday, February 4, 2013

Midterm Monday: Smoothies, Brussels, Kale, & Squash

Today is midterm day for me.  It was hard to keep my nose in the books this weekend because Portland had some beautiful sunny weather.  I was feeling distracted and felt like studying things not related to school.  My classes this term aren't the most exciting, so sometimes it's hard to stay focused on the material.  I also wasn't very organized with getting a blog post together for today, either.  But I did remember to snap a few pics of food, so here are some random things I ate.

Smoothie:  Kale, Romaine, Mixed Berries, Banana, Coconut Milk.  Thick and creamy and full of nutrition.

Steamed brussels sprouts.  So simple and so good.  Especially when sprinkled with some lemon juice and nooch.

Kale sauteed with onion and balsamic vinegar.  I can eat an entire bunch of kale when it's prepared this way.

And some delicious spaghetti squash atop tomatoes, crimini, and shiitake mushrooms.  I've been enjoying a lot of mushrooms lately and their immune boosting benefits.  Maybe that's why I haven't caught the current wave of sickness that seems to be going around?  Well, that and plenty of hand washing. 

That's it for today, folks.  I'm going to cram a little more studying in before my exam then have some stuff to catch up on around the house.  Things can get a little messy towards the middle of a term. See you Wednesday.


  1. I would get distracted, too, if it was sunny & warm here.

    The spaghetti squash sounds fantastic. Great brain food! Best of luck on your studying & exam. :)

    1. Thanks, Molly! Spaghetti squash is one of our favorites right now. It's perfect winter comfort food.

  2. I'm jealous of your warm weather :) it was a beautiful sunny day here but still very cold. That smoothie looks like it would be a perfect breakfast for a warm sunny day :) The kale looked great!! I want to try sauteed kale to see if I can increase my kale intake even more. Great looking spaghetti squash too! Good luck with everything this week!

    1. Sauteed kale with onion is a really great way to eat a lot of kale.

  3. Some of my favorite things! Smoothies, mushrooms, Brussels, spag squash! Yum!!! Glad you got to enjoy some sunny weather!

  4. Did you drink both Smoothies? Beautiful food.

    1. I would have, except my boyfriend wanted one. Haha. I can drink a whole vitamix full of smoothie if left on my own :)

  5. It's funny - I love mushrooms but I've been reading up on gout (just in case! I'm paranoid!) and apparently mushrooms are one of the trigger foods. Fatty organ meats, alcohol, and...mushrooms? Bizarre. But I've sorta been eating them anyway. They're so good.
    Kinda off-topic, where is yr school based? Are you on break and back home in Portland right now, or why did you go to Kentucky? Is it an online thing, and you just need to go to KY to touch base at times?

    1. My school is based in Kentucky. It's a distance program. I go to KY once a year to touch base my cohort and instructors and to get some hands-on training for certain things. All of my clinical training will be done in Portland, so I get to stay here.

  6. Yummy looking eats, lady! Good luck on your exam. I know exactly what midterm life is like. Because I'm no longer in course work (just working on the dissertation), the time of the semester doesn't necessarily feel as intense, but I remember those days well, so lots of good energy being sent your way!

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