Sunday, August 18, 2013

Ice Cream Butterscotch Waffles (vegan & gluten free) for Breakfast, and a Call for Travel Food Ideas

Sunday, again, so soon.  That's fine, though, because Sunday usually means breakfast at one of our favorite spots.  Today it was A.N.D. cafe, and you're about to see why I'm glad we decided to get out of bed early and beat the crowds.

Feast your eyes on the vegan, gluten-free, butterscotch, banana, coconut bliss ice cream waffle. 

They were so tempting, we both ordered one.  We hardly ever get the same thing when we go out.  I usually go for sweet and Tim gets savory. 

With all of the sweet, I had to have a side of biscuits and gravy on the table.  I ate about half of each, which means dinner tonight is going to be awesome.

Today's breakfast was indulgent, but I've actually had a very green week of eating.  Green the color, from things like kale, spinach, and spirulina.  For example...

I've been inspired (by many other bloggers and instagrammers) to eat my smoothie in a bowl with toppings lately.  This one had raw apple cinnamon buckwheat granola (store bought) with blueberries and nectarine.

I still had at least a jar a day of straight-up green smoothie, usually with a side of pathophysiology.

Oh, and this weekend I've been hanging out with these cutie-pups.  My neighbor went out of town and asked us if we'd take care of these two until Monday.  I love dog sitting because even though I'm not in a good place to have a dog live with me right now, but I can spoil the neighbors for a few days. 

And here's my old lady bff all wrapped up in her Christmas blankie for nap time. 

This time next week I'll be in Kentucky, reuniting with my classmates, and probably enjoying a glass of wine to celebrate finishing our first year of grad school.  I'll be making a stop at the Whole Foods in Lexington before heading out to the hills, where my school is located.  Any ideas for gluten free, vegan foods that don't need to be cooked or refrigerated?  Last year I bought individual size almond milks and meal replacement powders, bars, trail mix, and bananas.  Oh, and hummus in those little packets.  The school has a salad bar with every meal, but didn't offer any vegan dressings, so those hummus packets came in handy.  If you have any food ideas, leave them in the comments. 

Have a great week, and I'll post next Sunday while I'm waiting at the airport at 4am.


  1. The waffles look...incredible. The weekends are perfect for a little indulgence. And, hey, the biscuits came with kale, right?
    LOVE those little dogs!! What breed are they?? They're so cute! I love their little smiles! It must be like how I feel about babies - I don't want any but it can be nice hanging out with one, knowing I can give it back at the end of a set period of time :)

  2. Oh man that waffle looks incredible!! I kind of love waffles topped with ice cream, it has always been a favorite of mine. That one looks so perfect. Your smoothie in a bowl looks gorgeous too.

    Awww the little pups!!! How cute!! And your kitty too. I feel spoiled by all of the furry cuteness :)

    Hmmm... How about some nut butter packets to eat with fruit? Kale chips? Avocado to add to your salad?

  3. Roasted edamame? Lara and Kind bars? Have fun at the reunion!

  4. I've been sort of living on that sort of food all summer. Mary's crackers are good, almonds or brazil nuts and dried fruit. Rice cakes and nut butter.

  5. oh and could you bring a cooler or lunch bag and have access to ice? that might expand options.

  6. Wow, those pancakes look amazing!

  7. Hi Nikki! I'm a gluten-free vegan in Lexington. Holler if you need any restaurant suggestions, shopping advice, places to go, things to do, etc.

  8. Hi Nikki! I'm a gluten-free vegan in Lexington. Holler if you need any restaurant suggestions, shopping advice, places to go, things to do, etc.

  9. Awesome food and cute furkids! Sorry it's been a while since my last visit! Hope you are well!

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