Friday, October 25, 2013

The Unintentional Juice Cleanse

Thanks for all the sweet messages regarding our elopement!  I've been feeling celebratory, for sure.  This is a special time of year, with Fall arriving and holidays approaching; and being newlywed has added that extra element of being on a love buzz. It's been nice.

I mentioned in my last post that I was doing a little change-of-the-seasons juice cleanse.  It started out as drinking juice for a day because I was too busy at work to eat.  But I felt so good at the end of the first day, that I decided to juice the next day.  Then the next.  And before I knew it, almost five days went by.

It was perfect timing.  I'd been indulging rich foods and a fair amount of wine.  Drinking juice for a few days was a nice way to transition into healthier meals full of more vegetables and less Daiya.

Every day I made juice. It was labor intensive and I supplemented my efforts with daily treats from the Portland Juice Press in my neighborhood. They have a seasonal flavor: kale, grape, and cucumber that is amazing.

My favorite homemade juice was kale, romaine, celery, cucumber, and lemon.  Second favorite was the same blend with coconut water added instead of lemon juice.  I did about 2 parts juice to 1 part coconut water.  Tim likes straight-up green juice without lemon or coconut water, so I made some of that for him, too.

The swampy orange colored concoction tasted a lot better than it looked.  It was kale, celery, carrot, lemon, and apple. I shared it with a coworker and she couldn't believe how good it tasted, and also thought I had sweetened it with something. I think she suggested sugar.  Funny.

So, after 5 days of juicing I was feeling really good.  Definitely lighter, and my digestion was back on track.  Also, after 5 days of juice, salad and fruit tastes really good.   

Remember those glowing, sunny pictures of my walk in the park on my last post?  Well, this is the same park just a few days later.  We've been having some serious fog in the mornings this week.  I love it. 

Ok, I have quite a bit of school reading to do, but I wanted to take a break and say hello here.  Also, I created a salad I'm obsessed with, and I'm going to post about it next time.  It's really pretty and will be perfect for the holidays. Until next time, take care!


  1. Whoa, the cleanse sounds intense! I mean, I've done juice cleanses before but not for that long and I've done the master cleanse, and that was less work. I doubt I'd be able to get it together enough to make my own juices for multiple meals for almost a week. Kudos!
    I could probably stand to do a short cleanse myself...
    the fog is beautiful! Forest walks in fog are such a wonderful outing.

    1. I was surprised that I did it for a week. It truly just happened, and the minute I felt like stopping, I did. Making all that juice was kind of a pain, but worth it, because I prefer savory juice and most of the stuff at the juice bar is sweet.

  2. Ooooh, I'm so glad you blog - and that I now have a new one to read! XO

    1. Thanks for finding me here :)

    2. I'm stalking you (and your hair!!!!)! :-P

  3. I have never been so busy that I couldn't find time to eat. Can't even begin to imagine being that busy.

    1. Haha, well, I'm not allowed to have food in my work area, so that's the issue. Outside of work = NEVER too busy to eat.

  4. Nikki ~
    Glad you like the fog. We've been socked in up here too. Today with the rain, I'm hoping for a little clearer skies. It's so cold and damp. Good day to spend in the kitchen. :-)

    1. I do love it. I'm a Pacific NW coast girl through and through :)

    2. I'm a Pacific NW girl at heart (even though I've lived my whole life in the midwest and haven't ever been there, haha!).

    3. Rebecca, You MUST visit :)

  5. First of all - OMG! Congratulations! I just caught up on your previous post! It sounds absolutely wonderful. :)

    I love fog, and delicious juices - both of which you have! Intermittent body clean-outs are definitely nice to experience. I need to buy a juicer!

  6. Holy crap, I've totally been MIA with school (took on too much this semester). Congrats!!! So happy for you (and the juice cleanse rocks too, of course).

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